From a weekly perspective, finding a good balance between work and rest is also very helpful. I do this by staying away from work on weekends and staying offline – except for an email check. I highly recommend trying it out. If you have a work phone, leave it at work. Or at least put it in silent mode, check every 24 hours and only call back when it matters. Otherwise, let it wait until Monday. These tight limits between hourly, daily, and weekly work have helped me a lot in avoiding grey areas.

Everything is in its place.

When you’re in a gray area, you’re basically thinking and worrying about work at home or on vacation. Or you think about your private life and the challenges there while you work. Avoid grey areas. It sucks your life and makes you so stressed that it’s hard Spain Business Fax List to concentrate or even get a good night’s sleep. 11. Make sure you take the time to do what you love. Learn to get the necessary things done faster and don’t get lost in the “have to do things”.

Deal with things that are stressing or bothering you.

Prioritize the things that really matter to you and make time for the things you enjoy doing on weekends or evenings. Maybe playing football, drawing, writing, taking pictures or reading with your kids. Whatever you enjoy doing, make sure to include some time regularly in your schedule. Because few things relieve stress and energize you like an activity you enjoy doing. 12. Representatives. You don’t have to do everything yourself. You don’t have to control or micromanage.

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