Dale Carnegie “A friend is someone who knows your past, believes in your future. And accepts you as you are.” – Unknown “What you don’t want to do to yourself, don’t do it to others. Confucius Oscar Wilde’s Friendship Quotes “In the final analysis, the bond of all companionship, whether marriage or friendship, is conversation.” – Oscar Wilde “How many times does an old screen door slam? Depends on how well you close it. How many slices are there in a loaf? How thin you cut it. How many benefits in a day?

True friendship is like health

Depends on how well you live. Friends have How much love? Depends how much you give them.” – Shel Silverstein “A true friend will never get in your way unless you happen to fail.” -Arnold H. Glasgow Plutarch’s Friendship Quotes “I don’t need a friend New Zealand WhatsApp Number List who changes when I change, and nods when I nod; my shadow is much better.” – Plutarch “There are times in everyone’s life when the fire inside us goes out. Then it burns with an encounter with another person. We should all be grateful to those who rekindle the spirit within.

Choose friends slowly, change slowly
Choose friends slowly, change slowly

Where there are friends, there is wealth

Albert Schweitzer “The real test of friendship is, can you really do nothing to the other person? Can you enjoy those extremely simple moments in life?” – Eugene Kennedy Friendship Quotes by Arnold Glasgow “A loyal friend will laugh at you when your jokes are not good, and sympathize with you when your problems are good.” – Arnold H. Glasgow “It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship, that leads to unhappy marriages.” – Frederic Nietzsche “Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.

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