Sitaram Fashion Week is now a hot topic on social media. The popularity of Sitaram Fashion Week in the Duke Atash area, Sudirman, Central Jakarta has inspired young people in the area to do the same.

This is no exception for teenagers in Malang , East Java. In a viral video uploaded to the infomalangan Instagram account, a post from a wargame showed a group of teenagers about to do a fashion show on the street.

. However, it looks like the road is busy with passing vehicles.

Two teenage girls who are ready for a fashion

show crossing the zebra crossing look confused. They were confused because a policeman on patrol stopped right in front of these two young women.

The police who rode the motorbike were seen monitoring the two young women. As a result, the two young women did not immediately do a fashion show across the street.

Monitored by Police

The action of teenagers who will hold a fashion show at the zebra cross similar to Sitaram Fashion Week has drawn various comments from netizens.

“Do not enter, do not imitate, Malang has its own characteristics,” commented a netizen.

“It’s very disturbing, the event is pointless. It’s better if Malang Tempe Dole is more lively, suitable for the current generation of young people,” said another.

“Lanta causes more traffic jams,” said another.

“I think the main heritage road isn’t crowded, what’s wrong with closing the road later,” another netizen responded.

Kottayam Fashion Week activities and fashion shows in other areas that are similar to crossing the road alone are indeed getting the spotlight. Quoting from, the location of the zebra cross which is now used for Sitaram Fashion Week activities is considered by some to be inappropriate and disturbing

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The DKI Jakarta government plans to move the location


of Sitaram Fashion Week. South Tuesday of the Jakarta City Hall is the location to be considered. Tujunga Fashion Week which was Venezuela Phone Number held in Surabaya City was also considered to be disturbing to road users.



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