Plan the road to recovery It is important to have a plan ready for Guatemala Phone Number List the recovery phase. It may be wise these days to focus more on branding rather than performance. Show your customers that you care and are there for them. Empathy is very important! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. The image below illustrates the best practices and key take-aways related to e-commerce. Click on the Guatemala Phone Number List image for a larger copy. This image represents the best practices and key takeaways related to e-commerce. See opportunities instead of obstacles The advice from studies is not only applicable to the above sectors. There are also important lessons

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learned and opportunities for agencies. In these times of Guatemala Phone Number List uncertainty, clear communication and transparency are a must. No matter how annoying, uncertain and exciting the coming period may be, there are plenty of opportunities. For everyone. So be creative and think along with your customers. The way you respond to current issues today will Guatemala Phone Number List affect how your customers see you in the future. How do citizens react to the corona virus outbreak? What do they think of the measures taken by the government and what do they think of the communication about this?

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Then I didn’t write this article for nothing! For many people, in Guatemala Phone Number List addition to being a social platform, Facebook is an informational platform. Facebook is therefore taking a number of measures. For example, they provide relevant pop-ups with updates about Guatemala Phone Number List the coronavirus, support healthcare authorities and are keen on the spread of misleading information. Partly because of this , users now spend more time on the platform . A good example of how you can deal with the current situation as a company. How the coronavirus affects customer behavior A survey by market research firm Kantar on what customers expect from brands shows that 60% are concerned about their financial situation.

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