offee branding is everywhere.  Panama WhatsApp Number List. If you ask any functioning adult how they start their morning, chances are they’ll say with a little slice of heaven, eg. a steaming cup of coffee. From lattes to long blacks, there’s nothing that people feel more passionate about than their Java. In fact, for years, we’ve been fighting over which city brews the best beans (my vote’s with Melbourne and Vienna—don’t @ me!). Coffee branding illustration Illustration by OrangeCrush It’s no surprise that most people have such a fanatical response to coffee, with over 173 million bags of coffee being consumed worldwide, every year. And with 75% of Americans consuming all their caffeine in the form of coffee and most adults spending an average of $2,000 a year on coffee alone,

Offee Branding Is Everywhere

it’s clear that the coffee industry is a highly saturated market. Which is why it’s more important than ever to stand out from Panama WhatsApp Number List. The caffeinated crowd and get your coffee branding on point. Nailing the coffee branding basics will help you tell your coffee brand’s story purposefully and with direction, build an emotional connection and instill confidence in your future coffee consumers. So, let’s get brewing, shall we? Coffee branding basics 3 steps to percolate your coffee’s unique brand and identity 3 types of coffee branding that we love a latte Coffee branding basics — Before we dive into branding your cool coffee business, it’s important to understand branding basics. Why we do it, how we do it and how to get it perfect. We suggest you explore these areas before you get started:

It’s Clear That the Coffee Industry Is a Highly Saturated Market

Panama WhatsApp Number List
Panama WhatsApp Number List

Your values. Panama WhatsApp Number List. Do you make ethical and environmentally friendly coffee? Or are you grinding beans for the masses? Understand your values before you start branding. Your buyers’ values. Do you know who your customers are? What sort of coffee do they drink? Are they millennials (48% of them drink gourmet coffee as their caffeination of choice) or are they Baby Boomers who prefer a classic brew? Where your brand fits into the industry. Is your coffee expensive, cheap or similar to competing products—and why? Is it accessible everywhere or can you only find it online or in luxe, gourmet coffee stores? Who is your coffee’s target market? How your coffee stands apart from its caffeinated competitors. Is your coffee

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