They offer opportunities and threats. Banks, for example, are now Nigeria Phone Number List thinking more emphatically than before about the financing they do or do not want to provide to companies that are not very concerned with human rights or sustainability themes. From their own moral sense or through public opinion that influences their reputation and thus their direct clientele. I Nigeria Phone Number List also see the introduction of current and future themes and the provision of the necessary explanation for one’s own situation as an important task for communication professionals. This role is therefore immediately the portal of the former ‘initiating and putting on the agenda’, in which the themes are discussed and (new) policy is given shape.

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And it is a joint responsibility of the communication team to Nigeria Phone Number List give substance to this. By working on the right culture. But also by creating the conditions for interaction and reflection. For example with an accessible and user-friendly intranet. Internal Nigeria Phone Number List signaling and reflection are one thing. External orientation is two. Successful organizations are continuously connected to the world around them. They respond to current developments and prepare for tomorrow’s themes. Far-reaching digitization, robotization. Changing geopolitical relationships, greater awareness of climate themes, system reforms in our legislation and regulations.

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For example in online campaigns, working towards more Nigeria Phone Number List social engagement . Assessing the analytics of the website and establishing connections with the marketing department from there. What conclusions do we draw and how do we increase the Nigeria Phone Number List conversion? Dare to give each other feedback. And be open to doing something with it. Constantly identifying and reflecting makes an organization stronger.

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