Alzheimer Nederland, for example, has asked the cabinet to Italy Phone Number List re-examine the measure of the ban on visiting nursing homes, because this has major consequences for people with dementia who can no longer see their loved one. The Long Fund emphasizes once Italy Phone Number List again that heating a stove or barbecue can cause more complaints in people with a lung disease, including people who have the corona virus. We totally agree. That is why we also draw attention to this specific problem. We do this in this way: 9. Spot trends With the webcare team, continue to listen carefully to the questions that followers ask and the opinions they express. This ensures a ‘frequently asked questions’ page that is extremely relevant.

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Also use the comments to choose what to post on your social media Italy Phone Number List channels. During a crisis, we send our clients an update every evening, so that they can respond optimally to new questions. 10. Prepare for questions to come The original crisis may have taken Italy Phone Number List your organization by surprise, but now you are on your toes. Use this. Think forward. What is the next phase of the crisis? For example, the focus could shift from the ban on visiting nursing homes to a high death rate in nursing homes as a result of the corona virus. Or from people with an existing lung disease who belong to the vulnerable target group, to people who have had the coronavirus and continue to suffer from it.

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So that they suddenly belong to a new group of lung patients. At the Italy Phone Number List beginning of a crisis, followers often have a lot of patience. They understand that you cannot know everything and above all want to see that you take the situation as seriously as they do. This Italy Phone Number Listpatience does not last forever. When the worst crisis is over, people often become more demanding. Also in this corona crisis , a moment may come when a new normal has arisen and people again expect an immediate answer to their question. Prepare for that. What are useful tools for an online meeting? What’s the difference between Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts – and what about privacy?

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