Gives the company’s top management a new management tool that translates the company’s vision and its strategy into a set of interrelated balanced performance indicators of the organization. Using the BSC, managers are able to translate the vision of development into a strategy, strategy into a set of tactical tasks for each division of the company, they are able to plan a business and take into account.

What is a strategy?

plan and allocate resources In addition, department heads receive answers to the main questions: what is the contribution of my department to the value of the company’s final product; what processes are key in my division; what is the required CPA Email List level of qualification of personnel and applied technologies now and tomorrow. No matter how competent and “advanced” the company’s staff is. Without the initiative of top management, the development of BSC is impossible.

Strategy and positioning

Although, of course, there are exceptions to any rule, and specialists. Have heard more than once about the development. BSC for a separate division of the company. But with this option, the advantages of BSC are not used throughout. The organization and the result is a much smaller effect, especially since. Any department of the organization interacts with a number of. Other departments and, of course, depends on the quality of their work.

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