If this is the case for you, take 5 minutes now to declutter your workspace. Throw away things that shouldn’t be there, like old notes and coffee cups. Put the important stuff at home. Then, when the workspace gets cluttered, in order to change your work environment again by adding some motivation: Put a note on your desk with a motivational Compare yourself quote or a photo of a loved one. If possible, add some greenery like little plants (this may not be for everyone, but helps me get a little connection to nature and relax while I work).

 Learn from mistakes and mistakes.

Add a new, inspiring desktop wallpaper to your computer and smartphone. 7. Be grateful for what you have. When you’re tired and your motivation is low, in my experience, it’s easy to start looking at almost everything in life in a negative light. As a result, your buy bulk sms india motivation may stagnate or even drop. One of the quickest ways to free yourself from this headspace is to be grateful. So I asked myself this: What are three things I sometimes take for granted but can be grateful for in my life?

Compare yourself to yourself (not to others)
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Then act like he or she does and talk to yourself.

The last time I asked myself this question, my answer was that I don’t have to starve, I have a roof, and I have an emergency fund if I need it. 8. Mix things up. The rut can send you mentally into negativity. So mix things up today. Sit in a new place while you do your work. Listen to more music or podcasts than usual. And choose the lunch option that is freshest or different for you. In my experience, this simple change can help update this motivation. 9. Take a 2-minute meditation break.

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