With some small checks and adjustments you can easily start Djibouti Email List your e-mails more accessible. 1. Check the use of color First: check the color contrast. To be fair, our own expressions are not always 100% accessible either. But we pay attention to it and try to improve it, that’s where it starts. Not all color Djibouti Email List in a corporate identity work equally well with each other. That is why it is good to check whether, for example, the contrast is large enough. Check with this free tool from WebAIM whether the contrast between the Djibouti Email List and background is large enough. This way you will quickly find out which color combinations you should leave out in your emails.

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Also read: Test in 5 steps whether your website is accessible Djibouti Email List make your content more accessible to people with color blindness, try Colblindor ‘s Color Blindness Simulator . Nice to take a screenshot of an expression and run it through the simulator. For example, we found out that Djibouti Email List with deuteranomaly (when the green cones work less well) experience our primary house style color turquoise as light pink. Also beautiful! Example of Capital ID website for someone with deuteranomaly. Little remains of our house Djibouti Email List colors turquoise and magenta for someone with Deuteranomaly. 2.

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Add alt tags to images A picture is worth a thousand words, of Djibouti Email List , only if you can see this picture. To help people with a visual impairment to understand non-text content, you can provide it with so-called alt tags. Also known as alt text or alternative text. This is a text description of the image that Djibouti Email List be read out by speech software. Search your email marketing tool for this functionality before sending out your next email. You will also find this functionality in Outlook if you right-click on an image and choose ‘Edit Alt Text’. 3. Djibouti Email List good templates

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