If an artist has not placed his music rights with an organization, you have to knock on the door of the artist to get permission. But the latter does not happen often in practice, because most artists do not manage their music rights themselves. What can an artist do in case of illegal use? If a rightholder sees that a user (by uploading illegal music) or a platform (by uploading illegal music in the library) is infringing his right, he can submit a request to the platform to take the content offline. The platform will review this request and then take action.

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This is also known as ‘ Notice and Takedown ‘. The can then choose to hold the user or the platform liable, but in practice it often only remains with taking it offline. In short: make sure that you have obtained permission from the copyright owner for music that you do not upload from a library. New European Togo Email List liability platforms On June 7, 2021, a new European Copyright Directive will come into effect. An important change brought about by this directive is the liability of platforms (intermediaries) if their users upload illegal content.

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The Notice and Takedown system remains roughly the same. But where you can now only hold the user liable, in the new situation you can also contact the platform. In addition, the platforms are obliged to ensure that it remains offline after the illegal content has been taken offlin. The ‘ stay down ‘. The aim of these changes is to create a vibrant licensing market between platforms and rights holders. As a result, rightholders could benefit from the high revenue generated by the platforms (often through advertising revenue).

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