After the design has been implemented, it is time for an evaluation. You then check whether the project was successful. But how do you measure success? For starters, it can be very Saudi Arabia Email Database , related to the project management side. Then you come to questions such as: has the plan been met? Did we stay within budget? Is there a final result? But the crux of course lies more in the question of whether the aspects Saudi Arabia Email Database in the intent phase have also been . To be able to speak of truly groundbreaking work, the question is whether the design has brought about a significant change in the market.

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You can measure that in many ways. It can be technological, Saudi Arabia Email Database model or market approach and processing. The design process – step by step The six design steps each have their own characteristics and purpose. The stakeholders, the customer comes first, of course design Saudi Arabia Email Database As I wrote at the beginning of this article, the book consists of two parts. The first part, about design innovation, is the largest. Part two of the book explains how to embed the design thought and principles in your organization. I will limit myself here to a few highlights.

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It starts with the appointment of a design catalyst . The Saudi Arabia Email Database -bearer who has the skills to lead design projects. In doing so, this officer must ensure that design has a permanent place Saudi Arabia Email Database the organization. Then the circumstances in the organization are important. Is design in the vision? Have the right facilities been available? Does the organization understand the design principles and their importance? Is there a mandate that requires or obliges the application of design?

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