This solution delivers the enterprise front that is relevant to many employees. Closing side and back doors (to other applications). This allows you to accommodate important content and rich collaboration. As well as integrating commonly used features from outdated but still relevant legacy Myanmar Email List by serving as a front-end for those applications. Such a central intranet can therefore be more than just a portal. A road with cars parked to the side 3 flavors for the digital work environment If you now have a landscape of applications – and you have – then a hybrid solution is actually the only logical next step. But then the question is: with which technology do you set up such a hybrid digital work environment?

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Roughly speaking, three flavors can be distinguished: 1. Microsoft 365 The first thing you might think of is Microsoft 365: a set of standard applications that together form a digital collaboration environment. Pay attention! We don’t write ‘the digital work environment’, because there is also life Myanmar Email List the Microsoft environment. Just think of your financial or personnel administration, your electronic patient file or student tracking system, your notification application. Christiaan wrote earlier about the role of Microsoft 365 in the broad digital work environment . 2. Standard SolutionsEspecially in the Netherlands, and to a lesser extent in Belgium.

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There are standard solutions on the market that can serve as an intranet, social intranet or portal. There are stand-alone variants, but there are also those based on Microsoft 365/SharePoint. These solutions offer quite a lot of functionality, are available in a relatively short time and offer good Myanmar Email List for linking with other systems. As a customer, you can easily rely on the supplier’s development roadmap. There are several award-winning solutions for sale. However, they are mostly aimed at social interaction and are not necessarily intended to support or unlock the everyday work of employees . The content management function is also quite . There is oftenvendor lock in .

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