Empathy is a core managerial quality that serves directors and managers in Macedonia Phone Number List various areas. It is not only a powerful reputation booster, but also a panacea for radically improving all internal and external relationships. Empathy has a demonstrably positive effect on the reputation of the organization and its directors, the success rate in product development, the satisfaction and loyalty of customers and employees, the sales performance and the support for the strategy – it makes leadership more effective and the organization more profitable.

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What empathy is (not) and how you can work with it There are two Macedonia Phone Number List types of empathy: emotional empathy and cognitive empathy . Emotional empathy means feeling what the people around us feel. Certainly with people in your environment who are Macedonia Phone Number List important to you in one way or another. You are easily infected with their emotions and behavior and you also experience their feelings yourself. Cognitive empathy is the ability to empathize with which you understand and understand people’s thoughts and feelings. You can formulate hypotheses about this with distance from your own feelings and thoughts.

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You need both forms of empathy in organizations to be able to Macedonia Phone Number List act. It’s about finding the balance. You can use the ‘Emotion vaccine’ developed by Noort for this: Not the events, but your interpretation determines how you feel. Negative emotions say Macedonia Phone Number List more about the sender than about the receiver. Naming emotions. Makes them manageable. Getting started with stakeholders. Inside and outside the organization Empathy is important in various aspects of organizations. On every layer, in every corner where stakeholders are located.

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