It is also important to understand SMB preferences including, but not limited to. Brand loyalty, bundling and packaging, and service delivery options. Such as outsourcing and software as a service, as SMBs upgrade and expand their IT environments. Yet, there are still issues that have prevented SMBs to start outsourcing their IT department until recently. And these are:

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Affordability: Recent market figures point out that still 40% of SMBs state cost as still. The strongest reason preventing them from outsourcing. But offshoring proved that in most cases the outsourcing option will be significantly cheaper than Food And Beverage Email hiring in-house staff – since manpower or infrastructure costs are lower at the vendor’s location. Trust: Lack of clearly defined methodologies and contracts, quality certifications. Security assurance and even cultural issues can contribute to low trust levels among.

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SMBs when engaging in an outsourcing relationship. The vendor must be able to place confidence, expect with assurance, agree to the contract, and act predictably and fairly in order to obtain trust from their clients. Intellectual Property and Data Security: One of the major drawbacks for outsourcing adoption among SMBs is related to protection of intellectual property and information in general.

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