Reputational and financial performance is a reflection of the Paraguay Phone Number List quality of relationships, especially with customers, employees and shareholders. This relationship is mainly determined by the extent to which the organization that takes stakeholders Paraguay Phone Number List seriously, deepens in their wishes and needs and then also meets them. Take ING for example. In 2009 they held 250 personal sessions with stakeholders to discover areas for improvement. The products and services were adapted on these points. Ten golden rules followed from this.

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The results quickly became apparent: the stock market value Paraguay Phone Number List grew by 13 billion in the year and ING rose no less than 17 places in the RepTrak ranking. Also read: B2B brands can also respond more to the emotion of the customer For a positive and strong Paraguay Phone Number List reputation, it is not only important that you do what you say and radiate reliability, but also that you are accessible. That you listen to what is going on, be transparent about what you do with it and provide feedback. Everything from a consistent goal: your purpose .

These Kinds Of Words

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Purpose People’s consciousness is growing. We increasingly Paraguay Phone Number List feel a responsibility to take good care of the planet. Precisely because the concerns about the climate and the criticism of our own role in it are increasing. As an organization you can no longer get Paraguay Phone Number List away with a purely commercial objective. Why do you do what you do? What does this mean for your stakeholders? And what makes you unique? Your stakeholders can help you with this.

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