I’ve learned a lot about live streaming over the past few months. What often started as something simple with a phone eventually became quite professional with switchers and large cameras. In this video I would like to give you 7 practical tips. Whether you’re just starting out or are a few steps further along: these Bahrain Email Lists will help you with software/programs, cameras, sound and the preparation of a live stream. 1. Prepare well: script, cue cards and dry runs Everyone always starts with tips for the type of camera. Bahrain Email Lists trust me, with a livestream, good preparation should really be your first step.

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A substantive plan, a back-up plan, and practice, practice, Bahrain Email Lists . It’s live, so what happens happens. So I work with an extensive script, cue cards (notes) for the presenters or hosts, and several dry-runs before we really go live with video . 2. Choose the right platform and/or software For live Bahrain Email Lists , use the right software and platform. With the right interaction, for your viewers. Who do you want to reach? Where can you find your target audience? For example, you can only go live on YouTube, hold your webinar Bahrain Email Lists via Zoom, or go live simultaneously on all kinds of different platforms with handy tools such as StreamYard .

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This is a very important choice. Depending on your Bahrain Email Lists , you can have more or less freedom with camera connections, use of graphics, duration of the live stream, and most importantly, reaching the right viewers. 3. Choose your camera: from phone to multiple cameras This is often the Bahrain Email Lists question I get: what should I buy, what kind of camera do you recommend? My advice is to start with the above two points first. Only then can you see what you really need in terms of equipment. If you’ve never livestreamed Bahrain Email Lists , start by simply using your phone or webcam. For an upgrade, you can opt for a good quality webcam that you connect, such as the

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