The Verdino truth is that we are in the midst of a ‘Never Normal’ era, Samoa Email List the frequency and pace of disruptions require more adaptability than we could ever have imagined. Not becoming even more digital, but more adaptive. Perhaps we all thought that embracing new Samoa Email List would solve old problems. Verdino: It’s about ‘doing digital’ not about ‘be digital’. No old wine in new bottles. Hand holds light bulb Edison – Jobs 0-1 In addition, a trip to Thomas Edison and Steve Jobs is enlightening. Thomas Edison – you know, that Samoa Email List from the light bulb , once said, “I didn’t fail.

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I’ve simply found 10,000 ways that don’t work.” But… that is a Email List bad track record for achieving innovation: 10,000 attempts on 1x success. No, then Steve Jobs – you know, that guy from the tablet . He foresaw a future in which a market would emerge in which fixed devices Samoa Email List have to make way for mobile technology. The difference between the two gentlemen: one tries very hard until he Samoa Email List the goose that lays the golden egg. The other thinks about the day after tomorrow and throws a big stone into the market.

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Bam! Ok, I hear you thinking. It’s about disruption. No, disruption is Samoa Email List disruptive if it is beyond your own control and outside your own organization. Otherwise it is (digital) transformation. It is about innovation, which is the engine of transformation. Innovation is the work of Samoa Email List CEO, every department head, every employee. How? You ‘do innovation’ by asking questions. Most important of all: What is possible? In addition, Greg Verdino lists 50 more for you, such as: Where are you strongest? Which business Samoa Email List you be in? Why do customers leave us? What options do we have to fulfill customer needs? What do we believe in ourselves? Where are the white spots on the map?

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