When you think of design, you might think of clothing or the Russian Federation Email List of a house. When you talk about design within an organization, it goes a lot further. According to the definition, design is ‘the process of planning, developing and implementing ideas for improvements.’ This may Russian Federation Email List new products, services or the company as a whole. The all-encompassing concept is also known as design thinking. How do you approach design thinking? Design is all about innovation. With innovation. But it only gains real Russian Federation Email List when it is properly in the organization. At the right level and with the right resources.

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The aim of this broadly defined design is to arrive at Russian Federation Email List solutions and business models in which the customer and other stakeholders are central. Design thinking has a bulging toolbox with tools and templates that help you organize thoughts and make well-founded choices. In short: it costs a Russian Federation Email List cents, but then you also have something. Design tools and templates For those who want to know more about it, the book ‘ Design Innovation and Integration ‘ (affiliate) is interesting. Not only because the concept and Russian Federation Email List surrounding concepts are very clearly in it. It offers more. At the back of the book you will find about thirty templates, each on its own page ready to be in.

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In this article I explain the step-by-step plan Russian Federation Email List a successful. Implementation of design thinking based on the book. Design is easy as 1, 2, 3! Design is easy if you know which of the tools is best to use (Illustration: Joshua Neale at Love Letters Studio www.lovelettersde.com) The ideas fall into the two main groups that together form the title of the book. Most attention is paid to design innovation . You will be Russian Federation Email List through the design process in six steps, namely: Consider intention design implementation. Evaluate The design process – step by step The design process consists of 6 steps. One half focused on analyzing; the other Russian Federation Email List for the actual development. 1. Consider

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