That’s what your PR strategy should be doing. Order press Ukraine Phone Number List release No news, but a good story with sex appeal PR 2.0 developed at a rapid pace. Along with the rise of online life and later in the decade the influencers. From there we move on to storytelling, content creation and something suspiciously similar to advertising. Everything under the heading of PR. Very Ukraine Phone Number List relevant and logical developments, because there is often no news, but there is a good story to share. Share it with the right people where it’s relevant. And often that is not a journalist at all. PR thus also became a replacement word for the more dusty, almost official word ‘communication’. PR has a sexy image.

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Fast, hip, luxurious, 15 minutes of fame. Communication Ukraine Phone Number List suggests content, long term and thus consistently builds the image of a company. Yet the two merge seamlessly, especially if you want optimal results from your free publicity. Surfing the media is serving the media We often forget that when there is real news, every news medium is interested. The press release is certainly not dead, because it is very easy to get the facts and figures presented in a row. What often seems obsolete is how to consume, signal, create, frame and pitch the news in a spot-on manner.

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Connect Directlyn not that important, but niche media where Ukraine Phone Number List your target group is exactly. Plenty of places to reach your target audience. So apply a good PR strategy. Also read: How to draw up a press protocol. Short & simple! What is also often forgotten is to add the earned layer to highly relevant campaigns, while there is news. A missed opportunity. Get on Ukraine Phone Number List the media wave and master it! So what should we do with PR? In the multitude of marcom specialisms and details, an overview is nice. Back to basics for a moment. Are we talking about real good old free publicity ? Or is it ‘just’ advertising but via influencers collaboration or fun social content?

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