A month ago, I gave over 200 participants a 14-day Gratitude Challenge on my personal development blog, Personal Excellence. In addition to the assigned gratitude task of completing one task per day, I also asked my participants to identify at least three things to be grateful for each day. While deliberately looking for something to be thankful for was awkward at first, many participants quickly and easily completed the task after a few days.

 I have become positive and optimistic.

From friendships, to everyday coffee, to toast, to family vacations, to life itself, many people have a new appreciation for things they often take for granted. Participants emerged from the challenge more appreciative and positive about life, even Special Trade Contractors Email List though their lives were technically not much changed from before the challenge. Many of us tend to focus on the negative things in our lives, which naturally make us feel negative. Why not focus on the many positive things in our lives?

The Secret to Sustained Happiness

For example, instead of being upset about. The traffic jam you’re experiencing right now. Why not thank you for the car you’re driving? Instead of complaining about your bad boss, thank you for having a boss. To complain about instead of being laid off or losing a job? Things you’ve accomplished with this small mindset shift. 3. Live a well-rounded life Highly motivated people lead well-rounded lives.

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