The length of stay on a page is a good indication that someone will Aruba Email Lists what they are looking for there – and that is a basic condition to win your visitor over. But where do you make the cut in terms of visiting time? That’s a bit arbitrary to some extent, of course. If an article is viewed twice longer than the average page visit time. That is an indication to me that this page offers the visitor above average value. By Aruba Email Lists which pages are a lot and for a long time, you make a first selection. Also read: Content optimization: making your ‘old’ content even more valuable 2. The page is shared with others A second indication that an article or Aruba Email Lists strikes a chord or offers a solution are the sharing actions. Because people mainly share content that they consider valuable

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Check which articles are shared via social or by email. You often see Aruba Email Lists there is a group of content in the share campaigns. You can use the free tool AddThis for that. This gives you a handy with which you can quickly see. Which articles are where or in what way (see illustration). Plus a list of Aruba Email Lists relevant articles where you can see the social shares per article. Another tool is Buzz Sumo. It also indicates which are the most-shared articles on a site. But they don’t have access to shares on LinkedIn, which can be a Aruba Email Lists . number of content shares as an indication of content performance 3.

Aruba Email Lists

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Coherence with your offer Popular and appreciated Aruba Email Lists will have little impact on your marketing goals if there is no relationship with your offer. In almost every site that I analyze, I come across articles that are well (and possibly long) visited, but do not match the business offer. They are often Aruba Email Lists older articles and a company has gradually changed course, so that there is no longer a connection. There is a real chance that you will not benefit from that page and the visitors. Therefore, always put the articles that do well in Aruba Email Lists of visit duration and shares next to the offer. 4. It invokes a desired action Maybe a page doesn’t get a lot of social shares, but it does realize: Newsletter Subscriptions

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