Kaplan and D. Norton, and even, maybe, read articles on the Internet. It is worth congratulating those colleagues for whom this was enough. But in the course of the development of BSC, a lot of questions arise. Which can be very difficult to answer, and, as already emphasized, there are no ready-made recipes in this matter. Ideally, you need to go all the way on your own, if necessary.

Examples of using indicators

Seeking practical advice from an experienced consultant, using his experience in resolving the most pressing issues, as well as experience in evaluating the work done. This will help to avoid serious mistakes and greatly simplify the work. Lack Buy Weight Loss Leads of quick results The basic principle of the operational manager is “show me a quick result.” When developing and implementing BSC, this principle simply does not make sense.

Examples of performance measures

Since obtaining the measured results of BSC activities is possible only within a few years of the actual implementation of the strategic plan. Therefore, a serious problem can be a lack of understanding by top management of the goals of implementing BSC in a rapidly changing market situation. Thus, the next point is critical. The initiative to develop the BSC can belong only to top managers.

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