If we make video calls, this doesn’t come across as good. Think about UAE Phone Number List what is missing and deserves some extra attention. For example, use more hand gestures or expressions on your face. Don’t stare at the screen, be enthusiastic, shake your head or raise your thumbs. Wave, laugh, cheer and admire! Our verbal communication should also receive more attention. Because we are UAE Phone Number List less able to respond to each other, it is sometimes necessary to explain statements a little more. Video calling at Stramark Do you have a difficult conversation or is your goal to close an important deal?

On An Online Platform

It is precisely then that your communication deserves extra UAE Phone Number List attention. Ideally, you would physically meet up with someone. We then understand each other better and agree more quickly. Partly because of the (non-)verbal communication and the rituals we use. Therefore, make sure that you imitate this as best as possible during video calling. For example, include the UAE Phone Number List introductory conversation you would normally have in the elevator when you pick up a customer at the front desk. Bet that the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed? 7. Connect with the participants Let’s be honest: everyone is lonely at home during the corona crisis and would prefer to come by for that one important meeting.

That You Are

UAE Phone Number List

For the time being, that is not yet in it, so it is nice if you put UAE Phone Number List in a little more effort. For example, show your new gadget or give a tour of your fresh office that you renovated last weekend. You would also talk about this at the coffee machine or when you have a UAE Phone Number List chat in the elevator. By showing a little bit of your life, you can still build a bond with others. So be attentive, as you normally would! 8. Prevent groupthink and encourage teamthink A well-known phenomenon in meetings: groupthink. Participants are only too happy to agree with each other and people with a different opinion do not make themselves heard.

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