Utrecht fish appear to swim every spring from the Vecht, via the Gibraltar Email List and the canals to the Kromme Rijn to reproduce there. To get there, the fish have to go through the Weerdsluis. But now the problem is: this lock doesn’t open very often in the spring. The Municipality of Utrecht has come up with the solution: the fish doorbell. From Monday 29 March there will be an underwater camera at the Gibraltar Email List in Utrecht. You can watch live via the stream on visdeurbel.nl . Do you see a fish? Then you can click on Gibraltar Email List ‘fish doorbell’ next to the video. If the doorbell rings a lot, the lock keeper receives a signal and opens the lock. The fish doorbell. And fish are indeed spotted!

Here you will find the most beautiful screenshots . All Gibraltar Email List sites have now taken over this news and even the NOS Journaal has paid attention to the fish doorbell. The site is therefore so popular that 9 times out of 10 the live stream is not even available. But, is it real? Or is it a funny Gibraltar Email List urban ecologist Anne Nijs (41) and underwater nature expert Mark van Heukelum (34) have had to swear several times in the past week: it is really not an April 1 joke.’ But the timing is of course suspicious. And it’s also the very first fish doorbell in the world. Also read: Inhakers: this is how you hit the mark In any case, the Gibraltar Email List of Utrecht, whether it’s a joke or not, has received a lot of attention with the introduction of the fish doorbell.

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And viewers love to share their spotted fish via Gibraltar Email List media. So it is definitely a positive visibility campaign. And there are also some nice hacks to be found: 2. Hey chimpanzee, you’re still on mute! It is not only us humans who experience a lack of social contacts during this Gibraltar Email List pandemic. Chimpanzees are also becoming less social. That is why two chimpanzees in the Czech Republic visited each other to have the monkeys make video calls to each other . There are large screens in the enclosure showing the Gibraltar Email List of the other zoo. Animal caretaker Gabriela Linhartova told Reuters that the monkeys had to get used to this at first, but that after a few days they seemed to get more and more interested in each other’s lives.

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