The predictions of renowned institutions such as Bloomberg and Iceland Email List such as Goldman Sachs that the price of Bitcoin can still rise to 100-150 thousand euros, only reinforces this. Its market value has jumped from $200 billion to $2 trillion in just a few months. With the predictions Exciting Angle or Statement the Iceland Email List of new investors in cryptocurrencies, this will certainly have a strong positive effect on prices and market value. Iceland Email List to the moon. 2. To the moon… or not?

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Unfortunately, the madness also creates various shadow sides. During the Iceland Email List bull run in 2017/2018, I wrote about the importance of doing your due diligence before putting money into a cryptocurrency somewhere. Bloomberg’s research into the previous bull run showed that 75% of the Iceland Email List cryptocurrency projects were outright scams. According to many reports , this resulted in billions of Iceland Email List in damage, which the (mostly small) investors lost overnight and could not get back. The many hacks of exchanges.

Iceland Email List

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where the cryptocurrencies are traded, also ensure that Iceland Email List lose their digital currencies. North Korea has earned more than $2 billion from these hacks, Iceland Email List to a United Nations study . People are looking for a still relatively unknown currency, which they hope will certainly ‘m00nen’ (go to the moon, crypto language for very strong rise in value). For example, the second best known and Iceland Email List cryptocurrency. Ethereum, was worth 30 cents at its opening sale and has already surpassed $3,000 in value.

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