Why should we not aim for B1 level texts? And while you are Spain Email Lists : how do you make the text personal? The 10 most popular Frankwatching articles of April 2021 answer this. 1. 5 arguments for not aiming for B1 level text New on Frankwatching The power of the word ‘because’ 9:00 am How Spain Email Lists we shop in 2030? fri 11 handy Gmail tips to tackle your inbox fri A look into the future of social media [6 trends & AR case] do How to write juicy content on a boring topic [13 tips] do B1 level is not necessarily about Dutch texts. It is Spain Email Lists the level at which people master a European foreign language. Marlous therefore argues in favor of striving for comprehensible texts in general, instead of B1 texts. Drawing hands on keyboard mouse phone pen 2.

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April Fools’ Joke, huh? 7 striking news items It’s been a while: April 1. In the run-up to International Joke Day, we saw interesting news stories, which made us doubt the ‘Spain Email Lists ‘. The funniest seven are featured in this article, and apparently Frankwatching readers also wondered if the posts in question were a joke. With additions in the comments! A sheep whining about an April Fool’s joke. 3. 9 tips with Spain Email Lists you can make your texts really personal Personal texts ensure more trust among your readers and a higher conversion. You achieve this through social proximity: the feeling that the text comes from a real person. Handwritten personal text hand with pen 4. LinkedIn Creator Mode: What Is It & How Do You Enable It? LinkedIn Creator Mode is a new Spain Email Lists feature that gives content creators a better stage.

Spain Email Lists

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This way you can create more engagement and grow the Spain Email Lists of followers. You can read in this article what options you get and how to enable them. LinkedIn Creator Mode 5. Why is Google EAT so important for your website? A high-quality page for Google has a high degree of EAT. What exactly is EAT? And why is it becoming increasingly important? Vincent explains. SEO at Google EAT 6. On the bullseye! Spain Email Lists is how you write texts that touch [tips from experts] If you want your text to move people and make them take action, you have to really touch them. The experts in this article all give their golden tip. darting man at article about texts that touch. 7. How cryptocurrency is quietly reshaping the internet Cryptocurrency offers many advantages when it comes Spain Email Lists security and privacy. So the internet is getting a little different all the time. There are, however, a number of challenges that we must find an answer to.

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