Communication officer. Who investigates the existing Uk Email Lists in the virtual world in question? Think of local magazines, diaries, news broadcasts. This person translates this towards the visitor outworld (outside the virtual world), to streams and new visitors. Pitfalls and common Uk Email Lists 1. Build your own for one-time use With dot on 1: building a one-time-use world yourself. This is reinventing the wheel while many well-functioning virtual worlds already exist, even with their own community (with potential volunteers, Uk Email Lists , bloggers, press, public). 2. Outsource Outsourcing the digital festival to an external team is also a common mistake.

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Many festival directors are not that tech-savvy Uk Email Lists , so they quickly relinquish control out of fear and let an external team build the virtual world. In doing so, they are too quickly by beautiful marketing presentations, but have little eye for the real effect of the digital world. It happens too often that new worlds are that don’t work properly or are full of teething problems. This causes a lot of Uk Email Lists for artists who want to present their work virtually and visitors drop out. While, just like a physical festival, it is important that your own team (including artistic direction and curators) devise and elaborate the concept. Consult Uk Email Lists others from the community “in world”, look around, and possibly create a Discord or Telegram group with your team.

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This way you can help each other quickly if Uk Email Lists gets stuck with something. Virtual are “3D social media”. They must therefore be fun to visit, otherwise the visitor will not come. 3. No fun A condition for a virtual is that it must be FUN. Virtual are a social Uk Email Lists , not a website that is still seen too much as a static business or sales channel. They are places where you can teleport from world to . You can visit free clothing stores, Bladerunner-like , Milanese fashion shows, paradise beaches, etc. Virtual worlds are “3D social media”. They must therefore be fun to visit, otherwise the visitor will not come. Try to Uk Email Lists a special space where artists can express themselves, provide frameworks (possibly a quality level) and leave room for the artists, users and the community.

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