In the past, you had to sit and think about what friends and acquaintances might have. Or maybe turn on the TV and see how celebrities live. These days, it’s usually there when you pick up your smartphone or sit in front of your laptop. The comparison trap is harder to avoid today than it was 10 or 15 years ago. But one thing I have to keep in mind is: What people share is a bright spot in their life.

There are so many better ways to motivate yourself.

Correct. But if you think their life has always been this way, then you’re probably lying to yourself and making yourself feel worse for no real reason. Because they usually only share the happiest, funniest and most exciting moments of their lives. But no matter Senegal WhatsApp Number List who they are, everyone is going to have bad days, get the flu, eat foods they shouldn’t, and they’ll have their own worries. So don’t fall into the trap of comparing your lows or routine to someone else’s highlight reel.

Don’t blame yourself

You probably don’t want to check social media more than once a day. I find that if I check social media a lot or spend too much time there, it’s easy for me to fall back into the comparison trap and start to feel like I’m not good enough. A quick check every day is enough for me, it keeps my focus and thoughts in the right place. 7. You can always start small and change how you feel. One thing I like to do in the morning or when I’m not feeling good about myself, it helps keep my self-esteem steady and that’s.

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