What about Brigitte Candor. It also allows for the Reunion Email Lists of life, the hassle: works like crazy, we like to laugh and we feel known in our own struggle . I often hear entrepreneurs and business coaches talking about authenticity . But who dares to be as authentic in their brand as Anouk at Reunion Email Lists Voice of Holland? Really, honestly, straight forward? Even I sometimes found it uncomfortable when she says without further ado that she thinks it’s all bullshit . And I’m not talking about the honest criticism of the Reunion Email Lists , but the mutual sharpness between the coaches.

Don’t Ditch The Happy Sheets

Nice TV. Really authentic! Drawing of a person Reunion Email Lists coffee. What can you learn from this as an independent entrepreneur? That you don’t just have to be positive and nice and enthusiastic and certainly not ‘connecting’. Stop it! ‘Recently I was late for an appointment. A first appointment Reunion Email Lists a customer. It could have been an assignment that would keep me busy for four months. This customer was angry. Now I am missing significant income. I feel so grateful for this lesson! It really is a great day. Failure Reunion Email Lists not exist. Life only has lessons in it!’ Also read:

Reunion Email Lists

Ways To Get Valuable Feedback

How to make yourself irresistible with copywriting [5 tips] If you Reunion Email Lists say things like this: mistake, no problem and never do it again. People are going to vomit. Nobody believes you at all. But isn’t negative very negative? No need. If you are against something with arguments, you are Reunion Email Lists for something. I am against making silly promises and therefore for honest marketing. And I now know that many are with me. Very positive and also critical people. By being outspoken about something, and sometimes that is Reunion Email Lists critical, you attract people who also feel that way. And that creates a bond. That’s what makes that click.

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