Talent management has become a much more complex reality. They needed talent. But they didn’t have the ability to get hold of it. The situation seemed to have gotten a bit on the right track lately. The situation was not so serious. Or at least that was what it seemed. However. The coronavirus crisis has disrupted everything that was happening and Phone number list that was known about the market. Companies are once again in a highly complex situation and workers. Especially young people who are starting their careers. Are once again in the difficult situation of a few years ago. Companies do not hire and giving the starting point to the professional path seems very difficult. So much so. In fact. That some analysts are already beginning to talk that companies are going to face a problem.

In the field of marketing. The industry is already experiencing a crisis in the market for junior jobs. Junior workers are not being recruited for the marketing teams and the process of attracting new talent has been put on hold. The data comes from a study by the human resources and talent company Aquent. Its conclusions. As collected by Campaign . Are that Phone number list marketing and advertising professionals who are starting their careers right now have to face a wasteland of opportunities. New hires have fallen and staff adjustments have occurred. Junior professionals are the ones paying the price for this context. Why is junior talent not signed? The reasons why the job market has become so difficult for junior workers stem from several realities. On the one hand.

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The context generated by the coronavirus has meant that companies have had to cut back. Budgets have been reduced and pressure from financial departments to clean up accounts has increased. As in the Great Recession of a decade ago. That has directly Phone number list layoffs. Cuts and adjustments in the accounts. At the same time. The very general characteristics that the coronavirus has created in social terms have affected the signing of new talent. Although no layoffs have been made. New spending has been limited. It is taking to the maximum the capacities that it already has so as not to incur more expenses for what may happen in the immediate future. In addition. Many companies continue to work from home. In the teleworking environment.


They are more reluctant to incorporate new professionals. “This year has been extremely tough for the creative industries as covid-19 continues to have an immense impact on business.” Aquent’s British managing director Aliza Sweiry explains to the media. Explaining that this situation has affected “most severely “to junior talent who was looking to Phone number list their place in the industry. They are the ones who are having the most problems finding entry-level positions in companies. It is a problem for companies Of course. The clear victims of this situation are the workers. These budding marketers and advertisers aren’t finding jobs when they need them. Their career could end before it started because they don’t have the foundation to kick off.

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And as those responsible for the study remind us. This situation is also going to be a serious problem for companies in the medium term. As they point out from Aquent. Not attracting junior talent now could weigh down the structures of the marketing and advertising teams in a few years. It makes sense: not signing now hampers the generational change that will be Phone number list in the future Tiktok The brands that have grown the fastest in purchase intention this year The fastest growing brands are those that are most related to consumption patterns during the pandemic Tags marketing brands growth read later favorites 0 ads cef.es CEF – Digital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing programmatic 2020 has been a difficult year for brands around the world.

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