By adding a little bit of friction, email is used a little more expensively and consciously. Friction also creates new processes that are better. Think of making a to-do list for someone, instead of sending them individual e-mails all day long. Or a day starts to Kenya Phone Number List check-in bundled as a team and not do status updates throughout the day. How do you get those stubborn autonomous knowledge workers?

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Knowledge workers generally have a lot of autonomy. They are professionals who know. What they are doing and make a lot of decisions about what they do when, where they work and with whom when something is finished, and so on. The disadvantage is that knowledge workers are certain professionals, but often not when it comes to thinking about good workflow.

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In fact, in many offices, knowledge workers work amid noise, notifications and many know their hardware and software poorly. That means someone who understands productivity can help a team of professionals work better, pay more attention to work, and manage interruptions better if they recognize that there is room for improvement.