Negative comments online improve brand perception Tags comments reputation Online Reputation sales read later favorites 0 ads UDIMA. Distance University of Madrid. Study degrees. Official masters online or the doctorate at a distance. The best option to study online. For those responsible for companies. One of the things that scares them the most Shandong mobile phone number list about exposing companies on the network is negative comments. Bad opinions and reviews that leave few stars or whatever system is used as a measurement become a dreaded nightmare. Managers fear that their competition will wage a dirty war in the comments section or that a bad – and legitimate – review from a consumer will become the most prominent. Important or even viral. In a way. Their fears make a lot of sense.

Bad opinions can sink a business. But. On the other hand. You have to keep in mind that when they do. They are usually accompanied by poor customer service. Perhaps. It is not so much the bad comments that have sunk the company but the starting situation Shandong mobile phone number list that has generated them. Therefore. Bad comments and negative opinions are a kind of meter that helps to understand at all times what is being done well and what is not being done so correctly. It is a guide for companies where they should improve things and take action. But. In addition.

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Negative comments are not important only as a kind of continuous examination of activity and results. But also because they help to reinforce the company’s credibility and increase sales. When it comes to establishing a good online reputation. You can’t Shandong mobile phone number list be a perfect company. That is what a study has just shown. Which has identified the benefits that bad comments have for the image of the company and for the intention to purchase its products. Two researchers from the University of Copenhagen have established a mathematical model that shows that not deleting negative comments is beneficial for marketers. From the outset.


The researchers started from research that has been showing that consumers tend to reward those products that are not perfect. Previous studies have shown that consumers do not fully trust products that only have ultra-positive reviews and very favorable Shandong mobile phone number list comments. In general. When something is too good. Consumers are wary. The two types of consumers and their connection with opinions What the researchers did now was to analyze using game theory how negative opinions directly affect purchasing decisions. They first divided the market into two groups. Sellers and buyers. Then. They divided the latter into two subcategories.

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There are naive consumers and those who are rational. The former are based on what they read and do not go beyond the opinions left by others. The latter. On the other hand. Carry out a more complete investigation. Using all the information available to try to determine the quality of the product. “If only naive consumers existed in the market. Sellers could Shandong mobile phone number list only leave perfect reviews.” explains one of the researchers. Noting that these consumers “believe what they read and there is no reason to disenchant them with negative opinions.” But the market doesn’t work like that. Both types of consumers accept and read good opinions positively. What changes are the negative opinions.

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