But it is already clear that this is an April 1 joke. The Greenland Email List pizza is one of the five most ordered pizzas. The pineapple pizza flies over the counter 1 million times a year. So, are you team pineapple? Or team anti-pineapple ( like Rutte )? Abracadabra… New career for Hans Kazàn? RTL Greenland Email List announces that Hans Kazàn has found a new job. He steps into the world of customer contact and becomes Client Happiness Manager at OBI4wan. ‘Kazàn will be responsible for keeping customers satisfied and happy.’ Would it? Greenland Email List Kazàn says he was inspired by the Customer Contact Quiz, the largest online learning and knowledge event in the customer contact sector.

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Kazàn: “This was the magical moment for me when I Greenland Email List that I wanted to work in this sector.” And when will Hans start in his new position? Right, April 1. In any case, his new colleagues are enthusiastic and share the happy news on LinkedIn . But you can already find the first Greenland Email List in the comments. How will Hans Kazàn actually do that, from his home in southern Spain? Screenshot of a response to an April 1 joke. Today OBI4wan announced that it is indeed an April 1 joke. Curious about the message behind this joke? Check out this video in which Hans Kazàn explains. 5. Prefer a candy from Jamin or Japlus? The traditional Greenland Email List candy chain Jamin will (they say) change the brand name.

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Co-owner Maarten Steinkamp informs VK Mag that Greenland Email List have made this decision following an extensive investigation into the associations surrounding the current name ‘Jamin’. According to that research, it turned out that this name was seen as negative by many participants, Greenland Email List 60% of the brand name consists of the word ‘min’, which is of course a negative word. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Jamin (@jaminonline) They even changed the URL of the website and the name of the founder , to ‘Cornelis Japlus’. As if it’s always been like this. If you’re going to do it, you should do it right, you might think. Or is this not Greenland Email List April Fool’s joke? 6. Bidding on your Very AllFirst experience after

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