So, if the main goal (one of the group of goals) of the company is declared to be an increase. For example, in net profit from sales of products ( financial projection ). Then as possible root causes for the implementation of such a goal are increasing. Customer loyalty and increasing the number of customers (and this already a marketing projection ). In turn, improving product quality, increasing the speed of processing orders.

Formalize the strategy

Improving the quality of service (indicators reflected in the projection of internal business processes) are the root cause of increasing loyalty and Commercial Property Owners Database increasing the number of customers. There is one more aspect… not taking into account one of the indicators in a balanced structure inevitably leads to losses and malfunctions in the company’s body.

A characteristic feature of many

For example, an increase in the number of new customers leads to an increase in accounts receivable, and the lack of working capital (due to increased accounts receivable) will certainly affect the growth in the number of customers through the lack of goods. Familiar? Still would! New strategic management system Summarizing the above, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that the BSC.

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