These companies therefore offer their payment services precisely because the data is worth gold to them. They give them insight into purchasing. Who is buying from, for how much, how often and how much financial space a customer has. With the PSD2 law. Which regulates access for companies to our bank accounts, governments make it possible and easy for data companies to gain insight into all financial transactions of consumers. I  if the politicians here have let themselves be used for commercial purposes.

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Supermarkets and shops are also increasingly Kuwait Email List up with their own app as a replacement for the loyalty. They are all increasingly interested in customer data. Sooner or later, the customer will not only pay with an app on his smartphone, but the payment app will be combined Kuwait Email List the customer app, so that one operation at the checkout is sufficient. This requires a central system where this is. This means that the bank’s own payment app will no longer be available and the role of the banks in payments will be pushed even further into the background. Money on mobile phone. Currency become data.

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The growing importance of data companies and their Kuwait Email List for data mean. That financial transactions are to enrich customer profiles. In the digital world, this data is worth money. In this way, these companies earn double, both from the sale of products and services and from the data on such transactions. That is why the larger tech companies are increasingly using their online activities in combination Kuwait Email List their own payment services. They want to bind the customer as long as possible and collect as much data as possible in this way. The role of the banks is gradually being taken over by these companies.

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