Varieties of structures of this type are project, matrix (program-targeted), brigade forms of structures. When introducing these structures, it is necessary to simultaneously change the. Relationship between the departments of the enterprise. Distribution of resources, leadership style, methods of staff motivation are preserved. and the desire of employees for self-development is not supported.

Establishment of goals and directions of pricing;

The results of the introduction of such structures may be negative. Brigade (cross-functional) management structure The basis of this management structure is the organization of work in working groups (teams). The form of the brigade Restaurant Email List organization of work is a fairly ancient organizational form, it is enough to recall the worker artels, but only from the 80s did its active use begin as an organization management structure.

Final choice of pricing policy.

In many respects directly opposite to the hierarchical type of structures. The main principles of such a management organization are: autonomous work of working groups (teams); independent decision-making by working groups and horizontal coordination of activities; replacement of rigid managerial ties of a bureaucratic type with flexible ties; involvement of employees from different departments to develop and solve problems.

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