You have probably heard it many times: that it is better to use simple Albania Email Lists if you want to convey something. But is that really so? In this article, we look at what science has to say about this. Because let’s be honest: have you never put a difficult word in a text or presentation to appear smarter? If you Albania Email Lists ‘no’ you are the exception, because research shows that almost everyone (86%) does. Smart people use difficult words, so difficult words make you seem smarter, don’t they? Low status People at low-status universities Albania Email Lists so too, because they use more jargon than people at higher universities, according to researchers Brown, Anicich & Galinsky.

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The lower a university is in the US News and World Albania Email Lists university rankings. The more difficult to read the titles of their dissertations. They are longer and have more difficult words with more syllables. Do difficult words make you seem smarter? So is it a smart strategy to use Albania Email Lists words? Do you also think smarter? “No,” say scientists. It’s just the opposite. The clearer and simpler you explain something, the smarter you are judged by your audience and the more convincing you are. High IQ A good example of this is Daniel Oppenheimer’s research. It has the genius title ‘C onsequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Albania Email Lists with Using Long Words Needlessly’.

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That title says it all. Nice that you use difficult Albania Email Lists like ‘erudite’, ‘vernacular’ and ‘irrespective’, but understanding the first sentence of the title takes a lot of headaches, even if you know the difficult words. While the second sentence, which says exactly the same in simple Albania Email Lists , comes to you effortlessly. Also read: 5 arguments not to aim for text at B1 level If it takes a lot of effort to read a text, we punish the author. In Oppenheimer’s experiments, this is for example by rejecting them for university admission if there are more difficult words in a text. Or by assigning Descartes a lower IQ after reading a more complex translation of a Albania Email Lists (regardless of whether you know Descartes wrote it or not). Because we see the fluent understanding

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