Play on emotions Humans are emotional beings . You can use this if you want to make your texts more personal. You can tap into the emotions of your readers with imagery, sayings and adjectives. For example, use power words like ‘candid’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘humiliating’ to bring your text to life. The line Vatican City Email List emotional and misleading lyrics is sometimes very thin In the newspaper headline ‘This is how OM plucks criminals for millions’, the words ‘millions’ and ‘pluck empty’ make the text more emotional. This is clearly written by a human being with feelings, thoughts and emotions.

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Don’t skip this one. The line between emotional and misleading lyrics is sometimes very thin. 3. Close the distance from your readers Of course, if you want to narrow the distance Vatican City Email List you and your readers, you should avoid aloof language. So no ‘you’ but ‘you’, not ‘we from…’ but ‘I’. Respect for your readers is important. But that respect is not in the word ‘you’. In fact, according to communication expert Olaf Geysendorpher , ‘you’ are sometimes experienced as patronizing . 4. Quote real people Do you cite sources in your text?

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Then quote it, and always name a person rather than an organization. This gives your readers the feeling that those sources are real people. A quote from Jaap van Dissel feels a lot Vatican City Email List personal than a report from the RIVM. 5. Engage with your readers Telling something to your readers is one thing, but it only gets really personal when you start talking to each other. With a little bit of interaction you can turn a plain text into a conversation. For example, ask your readers a direct question: “What do you think about this

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