Column – Cash is slowly disappearing from the streets. Payment Jordan Email List is being taken over by online payments and by more and more commercial parties. Why is one data company after another coming up with its own payment system? What role do crypto coins play as a means of payment with their Jordan Email List fluctuating prices? What are the consequences of the diminishing role of banks in payment transactions? Will the smartphone be our new wallet? Who still keeps an overview of their financial situation with Jordan Email List and debts? Governments have a new challenge.

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Towards a financial jungle It is less than 20 years ago Jordan Email List we switched from the guilder to the euro. One euro was worth 2.20 guilders. There we were in the shop counting, because with one euro we still had little sense of value. How long did it take before we gave up that conversion and we Jordan Email List an appropriate sense of value with the euro? Holidays in distant countries still remind us of that conversion misery. In the supermarket we now increasingly pay with a debit card. The rise of payment apps is already noticeable. If we buy Jordan Email List online, you can pay in euros or sometimes dollars.

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And you can choose from different payment methods, such as Jordan Email List card, PayPal, AfterPay, debit card or iDeal. Money flies through purple sky. Rise of cryptocurrencies Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are on the rise. New coins that can be created by any party. For the time being, they are mainly used as a Jordan Email List investment option. We hardly ever use them as a means of payment, but that could change soon. You could already buy a Tesla with bitcoins, but that has now been reversed . And perhaps Apple employees will soon receive Jordan Email List salary in AppleCoins. Data companies step into payment systems and bills

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