every time you open the front door to go in from the outside. You first walk to Finland Phone Number List the sink to wash your hands. Or: every time you put groceries in the fridge, you wash your hands. Provide eye-catching posters or reminders Until you’ve acquired the right habits, posting eye-catching posters/ reminders can help , this research shows. Many public spaces already regularly post Finland Phone Number List reminders to remind us to keep one and a half meters away. An example: in one of the hostels in Colombia where I stayed, there were signs in every room, including on the dining tables, with the slightly less friendly but clear text: “WASH YOUR FUCKING HANDS”. With a bottle of disinfection gel next to it, of course.

The Famous Dot

Currently many public areas are closed. But as soon as we can go Finland Phone Number List back to work, it is important that offices also continue to place sufficient memories. Por favor wash your fucking hands. make it easy Make it as easy as possible for yourself. Place hand soap in Finland Phone Number List a conspicuous place at all sinks in the house (sounds logical, but some houses / places, for example, only have hand soap near the sink in the toilet and not near the sink in the bathroom, on another floor). Research shows that the more accessible you make the act (washing hands), the faster you pick it up. 2. If you want to improve other people’s behavior through communication.

On The Horizon

Finland Phone Number List

The ESRI (working) paper identifies 3 essential elements for a Finland Phone Number List strong communication strategy around the coronavirus: clear and frequent messages emphasize the collective interest cause public disapproval if the unwanted behavior is exhibited “Clear statements Finland Phone Number List about the desired behavior in the interest of the group, delivered by a leader and repeated by others, can help to increase trust among people, set the standard more quickly and motivate individuals to exhibit the desired behavior ”, is the advice. It is interesting (and nice) to see that we also see these elements in communication from the government. Boy watches historical corona speech by Mark Rutte on TV. Rutte creates group feeling Prime Minister Rutte,

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