Small businesses have always confronted with addressing their IT necessities. The lack of resources – be it staff, budgets or managing resources – have determined SMBs to start exploring the offshore outsourcing option. But start ups and small enterprises have specific needs. That few outsourcers can address correctly. Affordable IT solutions that are easily to install and configure, service/support requirements and, most of all, integrated ready-to-use methodologies and tools are the most critical demands of an SMB willing to outsource its IT department. What drives SMBs to IT outsourcing?

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The SMB market is to eager to find affordable IT solutions that are easy to use. Just as important, however, is are the requirement that address. SMB deployment issues, operational challenges and service/support requirements. SMBs want Event Planner Email List IT solutions that are easy to install and configure, and require minimal customization and integration. More importantly, they demand responsive and reliable after-sales service and support. SMBs don’t take customer service and technical support for granted.

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For many small companies, a solution provider’s technical support isn’t merely a convenience. It’s a business-critical IT service, because of their resourceconstrained IT staffs. SMB business specific challenges and “pain points” determine specific needs for small enterprises. Most outsourcing providers are specialized on the early adopters of outsourced software services – large companies multinationals. Therefore there are few specialized providers for SMBs and able. To adapt to their business model and needs.

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