Never try anything new. It might be sneaky. It can make you think things are just fine. You have your daily life safe and comfortable. I know, I’ve been there for a long time. But during that time, there were also those who denied feeling dissatisfied. A vague sense of stillness that sometimes erupts into a wave of uncertain negativity towards the world or myself. How to do: Remind yourself of past times when you tried new things. And how you usually don’t regret it at all and have an exciting, fun or interesting time. become smaller.

Take a break every hour.

You don’t have to try skydiving. Just take a small step and try some new and different music, movies or books, or if you usually have beef or sausage for lunch, you don’t usually go for a vegetarian meal. When your thoughts say no, just say it once this week. If a get a uk mobile number friend invites you out for a run, yoga, fishing, or a party, and your thoughts are “let’s say no, that’s not what I usually do,” then stop for a second. and reconsider. You don’t have to say “yes” to every suggestion you’ve received this week to try something new, but give it a try and say “yes” to just one of them.

Grab a snack, take a walk or stretch.
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5. Do not allow yourself time to rest during the day.

Take things too seriously. When you take life too seriously, it’s easy to become so afraid of making mistakes and tripping that you get into trouble. When you take yourself too seriously, in my experience, it’s hard to fully enjoy the present and what’s going on, let go of the past, and laugh at yourself and life when you need it most. replaced by: Post a reminder. One of the things that helped me a few years ago when I was trying to develop a light-hearted mindset was writing a simple note on the fridge that read: Lighten Up!

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