I’ve also recently started following food traveler Mark Wiens’ enthusiasm and positive mindset, and I love YouTuber Ali Abdaal’s optimism and constructive energy. 3. Focus on what you can do. You cannot control the past. So don’t get caught up in reliving it over and over and thinking. About what you should have done differently. Learn from mistakes made and correct lessons based on that. But then ask yourself this to move on: Where can I focus my time and energy to actually. Make positive progress or change my life?

Their promise is growth

4. Start small. After you’ve figured out what you can do to move yourself forward without getting caught up in worry or regret, ask yourself: What small steps or tiny steps can I take today to start it? This will help you not fall into procrastination. Find out the small 5-minute steps you can take to start your journey to something new and better. If this Australia WhatsApp Number List still gets you into inner resistance and procrastination, find a small 1-minute step to get it done. It’s important to start, not to go back to the past or get lost in daydreams about the future. 5. Celebrate your small steps forward and successes.

Great work is not about strength, but perseverance
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The only thing that overcomes luck is hard work

After you’ve taken your first step or tiny step and started moving forward on your journey, then celebrate your victory. Eat your favorite food for lunch. Eat a delicious snack. Spend a little time on your favorite hobby. Or buy yourself something you want for a while. This will help you refuel and boost your motivation and confidence in yourself. This will make it easier to take small steps towards the things you want and need in your life.

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