These are mainly young people. About 39% of all podcast China Email List are willing to pay if needed, depending on the investment. The main reasons are to support the creators, to listen without ads or to listen to exclusive episodes. Spotify and Apple are cleverly responding to this with their recently China Email List paid subscription services for podcasts. Of business listeners (25%), 77% say business podcasts help them stay on top of the latest developments in their field. 76% say it inspires them and gives them new ideas. Tip: the results of China Email List Podcast Monitor can also be listened to as a podcast episode .

Positioning Your Business

It lasts 32 minutes, according to the research the ideal China Email List of a podcast. Podcast tips for the summer months Meanwhile, the number of podcasts is growing fast. There are now more than 2.6 million on Spotify ! That huge range makes it quite difficult to spontaneously come China Email List a good podcast. According to the Podcast Monitor, social media is an important source in that search. I recognize that. In addition, I China Email List the best podcasts because I get tips from colleagues or friends or read about them elsewhere.

Correctly With Local Online Advertising

These are the favorite podcasts of the Frankwatchers and China Email List , divided into different categories:Keep up and update Reflecting on your work 💬 About language (spoken) Catch your Keep up and update Starting with a few inspiring listening tips to learn and stay informed: 1. Shockproof A China Email List podcast by Joris van Heukelom and Mark Schoones (known from The Brief ), in which they discuss the China Email List in the world of technology, innovation and marketing together with their guest.

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