Have a cup of coffee or tea the way the other person prefers. Or any other hot drink they like, like broth or some hot cocoa. 32. Go out for ice cream together. It’s an easy way to jump-start your good times and lift the spirits of your loved ones with caring gestures and delicious treats. 33. Movie night with popcorn. It’s especially good now in the fall and winter,

Handwritten notes that hide secrets.

when nights are usually cold, dull, and dark. Popcorn, watch a feel-good movie and a fun movie to find new perspectives and have a good laugh together. 34. Gather some friends or family brazil phone number members to play a board game. Spend an afternoon or evening enjoying some delicious snacks and fun board games to spend some quality time together. 35. If they have a bad day, do what they love to do.

Have a cup of coffee or tea the way the other person prefers.
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Have a brainstorming session together.

You know what your best friend, partner or child likes most. their favorite things. Maybe tennis, fishing, crosswords, video games, or something else. Take them on an activity for an hour or two. 36. Reach out even when they are far away. Don’t let distance get in the way of cheering up those you care about. You can use Skype, make a call or send a text message to change someone’s mood and make them feel better in minutes.

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