If you lose motivation, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking about failure, so you’re in a slump. So instead, sit down for three minutes and remember your success. Let them wash over you and fuel your inspiration and motivation. 5. Pursue bigger goals. Set a big goal that inspires you, even if it currently seems unrealistic. If you have goals that are too easy to achieve, then you may find that they don’t give you the kind of spark and motivation that motivates you.

And let motivation from around the world enter your daily

When you start thinking a little bigger, you become motivated and your mind starts to look for solutions that will help you achieve that. Thinking too little can give you an “umm…” feeling or make you feel like you can do it later. 6. Or go after a small goal. If having a Peru WhatsApp Number List medium-sized goal doesn’t feel too inspiring, and a larger one feels overwhelming, try setting a smaller goal. Even just a tiny one. A smaller goal might be to just exercise for 15 minutes today, spend 10 minutes building a website for your business.

Let the motivation from others (near and far in the world) flow to you.

Or spend 7 minutes preparing for your school essay. A very small one – if the smaller one will cause procrastination – for example can only exercise for 1-2 minutes. If you’re standing still, the most important thing is to start moving and build some forward momentum. So, if this works for you, do it first in one or a few small or tiny steps. 7. Remember how far you have come and compare to yourself. Comparing what you have and your results to with what other people have and have accomplished can really kill your motivation.

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