Go to nature together. Another way to enjoy the sights and smells of nature is to take a walk or hike together. A combination of fresh air, exercise, and experiencing stillness may be just what your friend needs to receive a burst of positivity and turn a bad day of the week into a good one. 19. Give a hug. An easy and quick way to relieve stress and change someone’s mood.

Go out for fun charging activities.

Use when appropriate. 20. Run errands for them. It can greatly reduce stress if someone has a busy day and doesn’t feel like they have time to go to the post office or store. 21. Exercise together. Sometimes the best medicine for getting those happy hormones running, finding a new perspective on things, and rejuvenating buy email contact list is exercise. So join your friend or partner to get the both of you motivated (if they’re lazy or procrastinating going to the gym or out for a run today, nudge them in the right direction).

Help them find gratitude.
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Reach out even when they are far away.

22. Do a boring task today to lighten their load. In my experience, having someone else do the dishes, clean up after cooking, or do extra laundry can get me through a bad or overly busy day. 23. Help them deal with things that are procrastinating for too long. Like cleaning out a garage or their closet. Or remove weeds from part of their garden. 24. If they have a bad day, cook their favorite food. On days like this, this one really cheers me up. 25. Pick up your favorite takeout food.

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