Pre-pumping means drawing attention to the sentence that Lesotho Email Lists after. For instance: ‘I’m going to share a really cool tool that I use often…’ ‘The crux lies in the following…’ ‘I can’t really share this…’ ‘What many people don’t know…’ ‘Which really surprised me…’ ‘Pay attention!’ In this Lesotho Email Lists you ensure that people are extra attentive and your message that comes afterwards is more memorable. After all, that is what you want: that people do something with your message, leave it or never forget it. Commands help with Lesotho Email Lists just as well, because commands bring attention and spring into action.

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Of course, this only works if you offer real value afterwards. Is Lesotho Email Lists nothing of value after this pre-bumper? Then people give up very quickly. 8. Photos: do or don’t? Humans are visually oriented, so yes, a photo can help, because a picture enters our brains 60,000 times faster Lesotho Email Lists very important that it is a photo that adds value. So never use stock photos and invest in a good image bank and post a photo that really fits your post. Otherwise it just backfires. A form of content that is still used far too little, but in our Lesotho Email Lists has the future on LinkedIn, is video .

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You can really make a difference with that. In that Lesotho Email Lists : always choose what suits you. Do you like to write and don’t like cameras? Then choose a written post or an article. Do you prefer to talk? Then don’t blog, but try a spoken video. 9. Avoid jargon LinkedIn is a business Lesotho Email Lists people confuse business with difficult. You don’t have to and it works against you. Make sure the content you post is easily digestible. Avoid jargon . Keep it simple. Share valuable tips, use a simple metaphor that everyone can Lesotho Email Lists , share value, knowledge or use storytelling and keep it as simple as possible. 10. What a post should

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