This gives enormous flexibility. One update in your CMS, such as a Sierra Leone Email List blog article or product description, can then immediately be seen on multiple channels, both in your app and on the website(s) and on your social media channels. So it’s no wonder that so many entrepreneurs Sierra Leone Email List to switch to a modern headless solution! How WordPress can be traditional and headless But what about your trusty, existing WordPress site? After all, that is the textbook example of a ‘traditional’ CMS. Can that Sierra Leone Email List site match all that modern headless functionality?

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Yes, of course! It is true that WordPress has a Sierra Leone Email List layout. Content and presentation are still intertwined in a single system. In addition, WordPress has a web API with which you can make the same content available to other, standalone front-end applications. This means Sierra Leone Email List your WordPress site also offers the functionality of a headless CMS at the same time. From traditional WordPress webshop to multi-channel platform But how can you turn an existing WordPress site into such a modern ecommerce Sierra Leone Email List ? Not much needs to be done to your WordPress site itself.

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You don’t even need to download an extra plugin for it. Sierra Leone Email List of version 4.7, the web API is a standard part of WordPress. This means that your WordPress site is basically already able to make its content available to other applications. But that available content must then be into Sierra Leone Email List other applications. This is where the real trouble is. In order for social media channels (and other external platforms) to pick up the content, you need to build additional, custom links. These extra links and applications Sierra Leone Email List also have to be in the future. For this you need a specialized team of software developers. Headless with an existing.

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